Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking Foward to Spring

Hi all,

Well I guess we are all looking forward to a long weekend. President's Day of course means looking back at our passed presidents and saying “Thank You For A Job Well Done.” Also, on Friday, February 25, we will be having our Fourth Annual Teacher Awards at the Tribute Center, where five teachers from Jamaica, Queens; Goshen, NY; Great Neck, Long Island; Ulster County, NY; and Baltimore, Maryland will be awarded a gift and certificate for their 9/11-related school project. And while you're at it, take a look at our teacher's toolkit resource guide on our website, .

It also means that spring is just around the corner. We can start to plant some cold weather vegies in March. I can’t wait for the Striped Bass to come back in March as well.

Something even more important is happening. School groups are now scheduling tours for the Tribute Center and walking tours. I just love talking to them and so do our guides. For the last week or so, we are seeing 2,3,4, groups every day and the list just gets longer every week. If you would like to get involved with some, give us a call or see our web-site, for more details.

Lastly, I have a number of other great things that I want to tell you about. I hope to have more time to write about them soon.

Have a GREAT weekend and remember those Presidents, and our troops,


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to make us stop, think and remember.